Monday, September 29, 2008


Can't stop saying "huzzah" like Renfest/D&D-style. It is the new "hoorah" okay?

Been busy lately, you know, driving for hours to Chicago to surprise my best friend for her 25th Bday; eating delicious food; shopping; making Full House jokes (I'm Stephanie); buying sweetass bookcase and therefore being totally squashed in the car on the way back to KS from Chicago.

Last weekend was so awesome my body could only thank me by getting sick. After 4 days of being grossly sicky, I found my cure. One Bloody Mallory (Mary). I like to call them Bloody Mallory's because I am selfish like that. Uh, its a B.Mal when it has one zesty pickle and 2-5 martini olives. Right.

AH HA! So Friday I was back to fabulous! Har har, just normal. But I did up my coffee intake for the weekend 2x and managed to do some work on the house. We left for Chicago with the house a complete disgusting mess and I was feeling motivated by my IKEA purchases. So up with the new bookshelf, out with the sofa table (wtf? I know, sofa tables are for fancy ladies and not 24-year-olds), hemmed some pretty (cheap) curtains, 2x Target trips on Friday. 1000 loads of laundry, vacuuming, yada yada. My house is still messy, so no pictures yet. But I am feeling good about being so productive on the weekends. Also went to Worlds of Fun with my work. Fairly awesome, although I hate rollar coasters and am not much fun at amusement parks.

So back to Chicago, I love my friends that live up there and wish I could visit every week. This time was bonus fun time, because a friend that lives in Wyoming also came to visit. I happen to know the greatest people ever. It must have something to do with being from Kansas.

I also love the food in Chicago. My friends happen to live about a one mile walk from the greatest food ever. EVER.
M. Henry...behold...The Stacked Veggie Dagwood a.ka. The Greatest Sandwich Of My Life
Um, so good, I tell everyone I know about how much I love this sandwich. I might name my first born after this sandwich. Minus the stacked part, after all my kid will have my genes. Har har.
Ignore the salad, I didn't eat it. The sandwich is massive, its like 7 inches tall. Insane. So good.

My 2nd favorite thing there:

The Black Bean Cakes. These were my favorite thing ever until I had the sandwich.

Huzzah, someday I will post photos of things other than food.
Martha also wrote about the birthday suprise, with pictures!

Swell. Time to go watch Gossip Girl.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I only get my hair cut twice a year.

Haircuts are expensive, and I am lazy. Sometimes my salon gives free haircuts when trying to improve a technique. For example: in late 2006 my salon offered free graduated bob hairstyles for volunteers. I like to keep my hair short, TADA! FREE HAIRCUT! Angled fringe? FREE BANG TRIMS! And so it went, something like 5 haircuts in 3 months, and they were awesome!
I have been toying with the idea of growing out my ever-present medium-to-long blunt bangs.
Seems a little to annoying. Luckily I'm pretty good at trimming them myself.

Growing my hair long now is almost like a dare to myself. "I bet you can't get it past your chin! I know you won't let it touch your shoulders! HA! Try not to pull it back!"
And now due to my laziness/cheapness, my hair is slightly past my shoulders. And is nastily thick at the bottom. And curly in all the wrong ways.
So now there is a goal:

Perhaps I will sport a giant bow as well.

Also, I am in love with this dress, but stupidly forgot where it is from.
Yikes, imma dumdum.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

For my feetz...

So I rarely buy shoes...but have bought 3 pair in the past month.
Shocker! I didn't spend a lot to make it happen. The brightest of the bunch has to be sold off, as they are 1/2 size too big and about 2 inches too tall.
I drooled over these babies all summer...
I love them, but they are 4". Way too high for a girl that wears heels twice a year. I'm trying to change that though.
For my birthday I bought myself some awesome T-straps, but they were too small, so I returned them. Went to reorder, they were sold out. TURDS! So I ended up saving a ton of cash and getting some pretty cute ones at Target (aka: my FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH).
$11...AWESOME! They look crappy like this, I don't know how to photograph my feet.
Last, but not least, the loafers that I will be wearing the crap out of this fall:
Today is rainy so I will be digging out sweaters and boots. And SOCKS! I have worn socks only once a week, all summer. KICKBALL!
I got some yummy tights too.

PS: Will be trying to put together some decent photos of outfits, per the request of J. Gordy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a (Labor) Day!

So it has been a really awesome 3 1/2 day weekend for me. It started out Friday with a tasty dinner at Free State with Geoff's family, which was immediately followed by the end of the season kickball party at Liberty Hall. Many yummy Ad Astra's were had. The party was a good time for me to reconnect with the world outside of my home and my work. I got to catch up with an old friend and talk about some silly girl stuff. Which, this friend of mine got engaged last night! She and her awesome fella have been friends for awhile, and I'm thrilled to see them headed in wedding direction. So Congrats to L & P!

On Saturday Geoff and I took a little mini-vacation to Kansas City where we had an awesome room on the plaza! A little bit of shopping and a lot of eating!
We tried to cheap it fairly affordable and had a tasty dinner at the Kona Grill. I also got to drink $9 cocktails! Yikes, but they were yumyum!

Sorry about the photos, they were taken from my (NEW!) iphone, but that is another story all together.
Nice getaway, even if for only 24 hours. Its nice to be able to relax with no agenda. I'm normally not to good at that.

Today is an awesome Mallory day! Finished a book, watched part of the BFFs of BH marathon on Soap Net, and am now anxiously awaiting the season premiere of GOSSIP GIRL! Also, One Tree Hill, but seriously, GOSSIP GIRL! Man, I love TV! I wouldn't feel so awful about the amount of television I watch around this time of year if I hadn't read so much this summer.
It balances, right? RIGHT!

Less than 2 1/2 HOURS! Sweet jeebus, I don't know if I can handle the wait!