Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cut + Frames

This week was a productive appearance week for me. After one failed pair of glasses, I got the ones I really wanted (sorry, Mom). They are a nice change for me, as I have had the same style of glasses for the past ten years or so. Boooooring.
Today my friend Megs (she rules) thinned my hair out a bit. I love going to get my haircut by her, she's really starting to get a better feel for my hair, and has been with me while I've been growing it out. We decided I might actually be a long hair type of girl. Cool, eh?

Kitchen remodel post this weekend! The cabinets go up tomorrow and I could not be happier! I've been looking at recipes to get lots of ideas stock piled. OOOH and if you have an iphone you should get the " Dinner Spinner", it is really fun to play around with.


Benny and Martha said...

mallory, you look SO CUTE! i love your hair and am majorly jealous of you cute glasses! very nice!

mallory said...

you are very sweet!