Saturday, February 14, 2009

I will miss this kitchen...

This past Monday, the remodel started on our kitchen. I will be tracking the progress on my blog, but here are a few pictures of what the kitchen looked like before demolition.

I will really miss the yellow sink and countertops, but they are so damaged its not worth keeping them. As for the cabinets, they are mostly rusted-out and will also be replaced.
The progress is coming along quickly, we have about two weeks left. I've also decided to paint the kitchen grass green to match the rest of the living room.

I cannot wait to cook in the new kitchen!


Lisa said...

aw, boo, you know I love the yellow walls! but I guess I don't know what your new cabinets and counters look like...oh well, yay anyway!!!

Amanda said...

Good luck with the remodel!! I hope it turns out wonderfully! But yes - yellow kitchens are pretty awesome, so I can understand how you'll miss it. :-)